Monday, March 9, 2009

Will the electorate be enticed by Uhurus newfound love of Ruto?

When the rich and feasting and playing cards the poor on the other hand are watching and hoping that someone will remember them and drop a meal there way. This line explains what is going in Kenya at the moment. Hon. Ruto knowing that his political relevance was on the line, jumped quickly to using the tribal card. He is clinging and spinning so that he can re-define himself. At his lowest the other crafty and opportunistic politicians have seized an opportunity to meddle with what has been a solid ODM presence in the nation until when the Maize saga unveiled the curtain.

The reality on the ground – Poverty and Hunger are grinding

While all this is happening the poor countrymen on both sides of the valley are hoping that may be change will come their way. For the Kalenjin masses the focus is shifting quickly away from the issues; the poor performance in the just announced KCSE results, the high prices of fuel and availability of affordable fertilizers given that the rains are about to fall and off course on the table is the nightmare of every Kenyan - the increased cost of living.

For those on the other side of the valley, the fears are the same; insecurity and their wellbeing on the west rift tops the list, equally potent are those still languishing in IDP camps and the advent of an era of one peaceful nation under God.

While the lowly, the poor and the political incorrect are hoping and wishing some light at the end of the tunnel, the politicians are busy planning to dim that light. It is such a light that exposed the corrupt dealings that are evident that the politicians are a part.

The political math – how to stop a presidency of the people

It is this light that has brought forth a new founded camaraderie among members of parliament. They have to embrace one another so that they can siphon the coffers dry to sustain and maintain their status quo. There is a re-birth of a true coalition of those that think only of what they will individually benefit out of the any political marriage. Such pseudo- relationships are all over the political forum within and without Kenya yet this one stand out. Whose main agenda is- who can continue to protect us come 2012?

Political Mathematical genius looked at Uhurus data, and they could statistically predict him being a presidency come 2012 that can protect the status quo. Uhurus significant statistical errors make him a perfect fit to protect the many members of August house who do not want to leave the high places. Uhurus profile has it all from His dad to the dealing that he had with MOI. After all Uhurus wealth is tied to everything that his dad – the 1st head of state – grabbed/looted from the Kenyan people. Those surrounding his as well most of them in one way or another benefited from both Kenyatta and Moi presidencies and who in essence see doom if a presidency of the people ever finds place in Kenya. With the likes of Ndungu report and that recommendations from the Anan report, many of the who is who in Kenya’s corrupt list are in a panic to re-direct the political destiny of the nation.

Wait a minute the mathematician exclaimed! Uhuru cannot deliver the Gema electorate with the likes of Muite, Saitoti, Kimunya and Karua hunting the same. The mathetician recommended that they pursue the weakest link in the other party. The ambitious Ruto seemed to be a perfect fit. He was at his lowest, comrades and business partners with Uhuru and after all has a lot to benefit from the marriage given his tainted past and the cases that keep on piling against him.

Play Moi card the mathematician recommended, by sweat talking the Kalenjin, diving the Luhya and damn the Luo. Once that marriage takes place and insurance policy is secured from the Akamba or from the Miji-Kenda.

The ramifications of the math

What a mathematical genius? The political marriage has several impacts.

· A very critical causality are the Luo ODMers for they will becomes a tribal skeleton and thus irrelevant and relegated to where they have always been.

· The wealthy 2% will continue to sub-due the masses and loot without shame

· The review of the constitution will fail, for the current ones will serve chosen few even better

· The gains of Anan will be lost, following all the other reports that are collecting dust

· Neighbors will continue to butcher one another very five years at minimum.

· It gives Mois a come back to the political scene where he can work hand in hand with his business partners – Ruto and Uhuru to reclaim the lost dream of 2002.

· An assurance of safe passage without pursuing Kibaki’s disgraceful strategy.

· Kalenjins and Kikuyus can go to the drawing table to hatch and slice Mau forest, and may be Mt. Elgon to resettle IDPS. After all it is only river Sondu that will dry.

· The Luhya loyalty will be divided more than it is now; some will remain in ODM while the starving lot will jump in the Uhurus boat.

The political math has it that Raila is not a good defender of the corrupt. He lacks the statistical errors that one needs to meet the criteria of a corrupt leader. The fraternity in the August house has been over heard to say - Even while seating in the bee hive, Tingas lips are free from the honey - which makes the scares the Hague out of the politicians. Tingas lack of visible unethical behavior that is uniquely Kenyan is bad for the country and the same credentials seem to apply to Ms Karua.

We are left to wonder whether the electorate will be fooled once more by the Nyayo philosophy, or may be compared to what will have transpired during Kibakis presidency, the electorate would prefer handouts for their right to vote to crown the marriage of one Ruto and one Uhuru. I rest my supposition and I will let you and time be judge.

Chitap Koret!

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