Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kot ab Sabaot

Welcome Home! Karibu Nyumbani!

As a member of the Sabaot community in the Diaspora, I have a divine/existential duty of informing members of this generation about the existence of the "Sabaot people". There are many ways of accomplishing this very goal. The way I chose is by this public forum that has the potential of enhancing our views to be heard world over by more persons than we could ever imagine.

There has been enormous interest on the events that happened in the recent past in and around the slopes of Mt. Elgon the home of the Sabaot community. Some of the highlights during this period were despicable acts that affected the Sabaot people , their neighbors and friends.

The terror that gripped this region has had far reaching effects; the members of the community are in the process of recovering from emotional and physical wounds caused both the militia and the government instruments that subjected to untold fear and torture.

As the community tries to find it way out these unfortunate predicament, this forum will in part try to voice such concerns and more important suggest ways and means of in helping this community to find its rightful place in the global society.

All Sabaot People and Friends of the Sabaot fraternity out there are welcome to contribute.

Sere Koo Nyoo!

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