Saturday, October 25, 2008

When a Curse becomes a blessing!!!!!

Follow the link below to learn about the blessings that tragedy brings others.

The judgment is yours. Is it acceptable that the plight of those who suffered in the hands of SDLF cruelty, be an opportunity for CBO/NGO founders to enrich themselves? This is not the only field that CBO/NGO founders have exploited. Be reminded that they continue doing this to meet their selfish and greedy appetites. I make this claim because you will hardly find testimony of genuine beneficiaries of most initiatives. A classic example is what the government did early this year soliciting international help and to date most of the funds have yet to trickle down to the very IDPs.
Again think about it squarely. If the governement the watch dog of NGO is not transparent who will?

Read on an example of the many proposals at this blog:

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