Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Rutos judgement Impared?

What is impairment in relation to competence in public service?

For one to be competent and deliver services without bias, they must be objective, fair and balanced in the decision making process. Public leaders are hired simply to make firm decisions that are objective, fair, and good for its stake holders. One of the elements required from a public leader to remain serving, is that they maintain objectivity in clearly separating his personal good from the publics.

What has transpired time and time again with the Kenyan governance system is a repeat of the same problem ; a blurry boundary between the personal and public good. When a leader goes forth to use his office to advance his personal good that is graft, others may also see it as immoral, unethical and wrong. Simply such an act is abuse of power, because such a leader stops to maintain a clear boundary between his personal welfare and the welfare of the public or the stake holders.

In the social contract of service, there is a legal caution for all public leaders not to use their offices to benefit themselves and those close to them at the expense of others (electrorate) . The fall out is that the leader has crossed the established boundaryand their reasoning at that juncture of such a leader is clearly impaired. The leaders perception is therefore blurred so much that you cannot distinguish between what is of personal gain from public good and responsibility, of which you are suposed to represent objectively. Or, in other words, you do not have the good of the public at heart, but yours. This in itself nulls the Leaders contract between them and the public (electrorate) .

All public leaders in whatever caliber should be held to this same standard. When you hold a public office it is required that you don't give any special of favors (tenders) to associates (companies) that are in one way or another linked to you. Because by doing so clearly indicates impaired judgment. A decision maker or Leader whose judgment is impaired cannot effectively serve the public with impartiality as required by the commitment such a public office. It is imparative thus for a leader who continues to serve, they be able to serve all without impartiality.

The track record of the Minister vis-a-vis the maize scandal

Back to my question, is the Judgment of the Minister of Agriculture Impaired? To answer the question lets fairly look at it. First, is he a public officer? Yes is the answer. He is held by the social contract for serving and fostering the public good without impartiality. With reference to his oath of office. Is the decision he made with regard to controversial sale of maize from the national reserves objective? No. Based on the following reasons

1. One of the firms involved in arranging the transactions was Africa Merchant Assurance Company (Amaco), where the Agriculture minister held shares. Mr Ruto confirmed that he was part-owner of Amaco. http://www.nation. -/1056/524670/ -/u1v9u3/ -/index.html

2. Mr Ruto had only sacked junior officers at the State agency responsible for the cereals reserves - the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) - while leaving the managing director, marketing manager and other senior officials in place. http://www.nation. -/1056/524670/ -/u1v9u3/ -/index.html

Is this the only instance that the minister’s judgment has been impaired? No. The minister tendencies lean towards several claims of incompetency. This includes a court case that is pending with similar unethical behavior that was brought to question with the claim that he and others unlawfully acquired land in the infamous Karura Forest.

Does Minister have the public at Heart? The events that called upon this inquiry make it seem that his desire to serve, protect and defend the people of Kenya is not part of his agenda.

If a lowly parent found himself in the ministers shoes, everyone will be on his case. I equate him to a Dad who sold all his produce, colecting the monies and living the family behind begging while he went to coast to enjoy himself. Such a Dad would be labed if not branded as irresponsible and needs to be ejected sooner than later.

Should a leader with such a track record continue leading? Even when their judgment is impaired? I know the Kenyan people do not mind as long as the loot ended in their neighborhood, even by proxy, they won't mind keeping Him in office. From the common good is has vialoated his oath and more so his judgment is impaired a honarable thin for him to do is to step aside. Unless he is reading the same script with the imfamous Blago., the disgraced former Govenor of Illinois.

Plea from a common Mwanainchi

A personal brief for the Republics Minister of Agriculture. Please look into what is going more sincerely and ask yourself the following.

· What type of track record and legacy do you want to leave for your children?

· Why should we be hounding Kimunya, when your case seems to fall in the same paradigm?

· Do you love a Kenya that enforces double standards? If not, then as gentle man and as clean you claim to be, please step aside for investigation to take course, because then you will be vindicated.

There may be new facts that will be added to this assertion; however the trend of affairs this far do not look good by any standard.

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