Monday, February 16, 2009

Kenya National Anthem according to politicians

I found this interesting article in another forum and i presume that you will indeed not miss to be amused as well.
It may sound sarcastic but it is also hilarious and unfortunately true:

Kenya National Anthem according to politicians
Politicians of all persuasions
Strip this our land and nation.
Fortunes motivate us and keep us.
May we steal with impunity
Dodge taxes in unity;
Plenty be sourced within our dockets.

Let all politicians arise
With scams both wily and foolproof.
Eating be our earnest endeavor,
And our cake-stand of Kenya,
Heritage of plunder,
May we fight forever to perpetuate.

Let parties with one accord,
In common greed united,
Bankrupt our nation together,
May the agony of Kenya,
The fruit of our behavior,
Remain hidden from our 2012 voters

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